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Recipe for a Pandemic

One bitter, sour pandemic right here at your fingertips! This recipe calls for: 3 new side projects you’ll never finish. 5 calls to your ex. 1 new hobby (you probably aren’t good at). 20 successful (and unsuccessful) zoom calls, facetimes, what have you. 11 “Oh shit! I forgot my mask,” moments.  2 mental spirals of […]

Wanderlust – the ULTIMATE yoga fest

It wasn’t the longest drive we have ever done. Only 13 hours. Meager compared to the 30 hours we’ve driven 5 times in our lifetime. My mom in the passenger seat, and me at the wheel, I was captaining this epic road trip to Squaw Valley, California. Never hearing of this place before, I had […]

The First Snow

What do you like to do on your birthday? Be around family? Travel somewhere inspiring? Nice weather? There are so many options for you if you have the time and the resources. I decided to travel to Sedona, Arizona. My immediate family is across the country in North Carolina. I didn’t have much time, a […]

Cold Camping Wars

Upon arrival at 8:26 PM, Mike and I realized we had made a grave mistake in our choice to go camping. Already chilly, we drive to embark on our second camping trip ever. For sake of mind, and time, the decision was made to go to the same campground as the first time a few […]


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