Spring Breakers

The most popular spring break destination for college students at Arizona State would probably be Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, or “rocky point.” Last year during spring break, students had a week holiday from classes. Since rocky point is fairly cheap for a college student budget and only about 4 hours away, me and two girlfriends decided to take our chances, make the trip, and attempt to survive and thrive. The first day was full of adventures. Two minutes into the border I had to talk our way out of being taken to Mexican jail for speeding. How were we supposed to know the speed limit changed from miles to kilometers?

After that stunt, we arrived at the hotel in search of sun, cute boys, and booze. Later that evening we found the trifecta aboard the “Booze Cruise.” With promises of “all you can drink” and a relaxing but fun ride around the lake, we boarded the make-shift boat with intermingled feelings of high hopes and excitement. Everything was going fairly well as soon as alcohol was doled out to all those on board. We were having a grand time line-dancing and flirting with those of the opposite sex. We even saw dolphins swimming nearby. About 1 hour into our estimated 3 hour “cruise” we realized we had stopped moving. In our drunk stupor, we walked from one end of the boat to the other for answers.

Discussions flew around when finally, the truth was revealed: we were stuck on the reef. To our dismay, we were stuck on this boat for five hours. One guy in our group decided to jump over board. We had no idea if he was alive, arrested, or left for dead. Five sorority sisters ruined friendships over a bag of Doritos.  My best friend, Constance, screamed in dismay, “We must take care of the children!” She seemed to think we were in a Titanic-like situation. After 3 failed attempts from coast guards, firefighters, and police, I was beginning to feel the same way. Finally, we arrived back to the coast after a total trip of 7 hours. Weak and wounded, we trekked back to our resort. Arriving back in Tempe, Constance went to the doctor and found out she broke her tail bone on the ship. There were many lessons learned. Most importantly, we will never take a booze cruise in Mexico again. I am not sure who won in the situation, us or Mexico.

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